Правила общения

Правила общения

Instructions for the procedure of electronic communication with Rennsteig Werkzeuge GmbH

Transmission of electronic documents to Rennsteig Werkzeuge GmbH via the Internet is only permitted under the following conditions:

  1. Accesses in the terms of opening this access are in the Internet presentation as well as in the business documents for publicized E-Mail addresses of Rennsteig Werkzeuge GmbH.
  2. Rennsteig Werkzeuge GmbH accepts the following formats of files within the framework of electronic communication documents:
    • Adobe Acrobat from Version 10.0 (.pdf)
    • Rich Text format (.rtf)
    • Microsoft Word from Version 97 (.doc)
    • Microsoft Excel from Version 97 (.xls)
    • Text formats (.txt)
    • Graphic formats: .jpg / .jpeg / .gif / .bmp / .tiff
    • Compressed, not self-packing (!) Files (.zip / .rar)
  3. In all permitted formats, no automatic sequences or programming (so-called macros) must be used.
  4. The overall size of an E-Mail incl. all attachments is restricted to a size of five Megabytes (MB).
  5. Attachments in E-Mails with files that can be executed (e.g. *.exe, *.bat) will be deleted unread.
  6. A prerequisite is that it is agreed that E-Mails are checked for viruses and spam. E-Mails that have been classified as viruses will be deleted unread and not further processed.
  7. In the event that an E-Mail cannot be processed (viruses, spam, technical problems) no electronic feedback is given to the sender. It is the responsibility of the sender to obtain confirmation of correct receipt of the E-Mail, as required.
  8. Documents containing fiscal-relevant contents, such as order confirmation, delivery notes, invoices, cancellations, credit notes are also accepted depending on agreement.
  9. Until further notice, correspondence that requires the applicable judicial written form is not permitted to be transmitted in electronic form.
  10. For technical and organizational reasons no E-Mails with qualified electronic signature or De-Mail will be accepted until revoked.. Exceptions must be previously agreed individually.
  11. For the transmission of encoded E-Mails, please contact our IT department.
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