Always a good connection – since 1959, RENNSTEIG has been making the professional tools for the job, from the idea to series production.

With innovation, care and commitment, we meet the needs of customers in many industries professionally and inventively. In doing so, we have become one of the world‘s leading tool makers in our fields.

DigiCrimp - Calibration

Calibration of the 4/8 Indent crimping tool DigiCrimp.

RENNSTEIG Double-edged screw extractors

For damage-free removal of broken screws and bolts, for right or left-hand threads.

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RENNSTEIG Cable shears D15s

- Multifunctional tool for cutting and stripping NYM/NM-B wire (3x1,5mm² - 5x2,5mm²)
- clean and smooth cut without deformation of cables

RENNSTEIG Battery powered crimping tool E-PEW 12

· Electromechanical tool with Li-Ion battery
· Dependable, reliable, low-maintenance
· Precise tap positioning of contacts
· Quickstop, no over-crimping
· Emergency unlock and reset function
· Process monitoring on multifunction display
- Battery charge level
- Service interval display
- Overheating/overload warning
· Short, compact work area
· Low noise

RENNSTEIG Retaining Ring Tool SRW 1000

Präsentation RENNSTEIG Retaining Ring Tool SRW 1000 at Eisenwarenmesse 2012.

RENNSTEIG Pipe Wrench, S-jaws with quick adjustment

Präsentation Pipe Wrench, S-jaws with quick adjustment at Eisenwarenmesse 2012!

RENNSTEIG MultiCrimp - from crimp to crimp in 5 seconds

· One tool for 5 common application areas
· Patented storage and change system with handy belt clip
· Unlockable force lock for reliable, solder-free electrical crimp connections


The installation of a photovoltaic system is an investment for several decades, whose return depends very much on the quality of the installation work.

To help installers do this, we offer a wide selection of tools, singly and in kits, that enable professional work with solar connector systems. New systems require constant new
solutions, which we continue to develop. Our system solutions give professionals a comprehensive, high-performance, upgradable toolkit for installing and maintaining today's and tomorrow's photovoltaic systems.