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Welcome to Rennsteig Werkzeuge GmbH

From the construction site to the machine shop or an airplane:

our tools can be found in use wherever a high-quality, professional result is required. Whatever your industry or individual application, we are sure to be able to offer you the right product for the job.

Quality tools for cable assembly

We produce handheld tools and crimping machines for cable assembly at our company head office in the Viernau district of Steinbach-Hallenberg. These tools find use in the skilled trades, manufacturing, service, maintenance, prototyping and low-volume production. Our international segments range from electrical installations in construction through to wiring harness production in aviation. All of our tools are designed to promote longevity and ergonomics, to ensure the optimum handling of your day-to-day jobs as a professional.

Quality tools for construction and industry

We produce quality tools for use in construction and industry at our facility in the Altersbach district of Steinbach-Hallenberg. From here, we ship out many thousands of chisels, pin punches, pry bars, screw extractors, hollow punches and pipe spanners each and every month.We manufacture our products with modern, industrial methods using materials of the very highest quality. As our customer, this ensures you enjoy optimum quality and longevity when using our RENNSTEIG products.

Wrecking bars XS

  • Extra-short version for working on slate roofs and wall panelling
  • Small, handy and lightweight design
  • Made from special tool steel, forged
  • Hardened throughout for optimum transmission of force
  • Long-life, red powder coating for better visibility on the construction site

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RENNSTEIG – in the heart of Germany

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Our company takes its name from the eponymous ‘Rennsteig’, one of eastern Germany’s most beautiful hill walking routes.

Based in Thuringia in the heart of Germany, we use the latest technologies and manufacturing methods to turn premium materials into pro-quality tools. We expand and optimise our broad range of branded tools on a regular basis. Our Development, Toolmaking and Production teams are also able to handle special orders from our clients. This results in customer-specific tools produced as part of a close working partnership.

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